Those are my goals for 2014 and yes, yes, I have a plan (duh, I'm  a planner).  Have to work the plan for the plan to work, right? 2014 is going to be awesome and amazing! All I can say about 2013 is goodbye, good riddance and &#%!@* you 2013!

I will be Hot, healthy and happy  for 2014 (not necessarily in that order since  healthy = happy and hot)

1. Healthy
   Less stress & less reacting to it
   Reset Circadian Rhythm
        Increase total sleep and definitely try to get more on night before work
        Increase Deep sleep
        Be more consistent with early bedtimes
        Be consistent with wake up times
        Less internet & electronics at night
   Get hormones normalized through sleep, good nutrition, balanced exercise and less stress
   No wheat, sugar or alcohol ~ will focus on epi-paleo with AIP
   Heal leaky gut via the paleo AIP (starts strict 1/1/14,  unsure how long I will do AIP  but at least all of January)
        Eat more bone broths
        Eat more seafood
        Eat more organ meats
        Begin adding liver "pills" from grass fed/finished beef liver
        Paleo treats infrequently and not while doing AIP 
        Less caffeine for healing  adrenals (green tea only and the rest of my teas will be herbal, caffeine free)
   Lose excess fat (while by weight is considered normal it is heavier than I want and my bodyfat % is too high)
   Natural earthing with real grass, the sand and waters of the beach as often as I can
   Cold Therapy at least 2-3 times per week
   Workouts (no over doing it) ~ focusing on compound and  eccentric exercises, sprints, (eventually), kettles (eventually)
   Stretching and foam rolling 2-3 times per week

2. Happy
   Honest relationship with hubby (unfortunately that is something I can hope for but can't change since I am honest)
   Leave the past in the past where it belongs and move forward
   Have more frequent fun date nights and quality time with hubby (hard as our work schedules are often opposite days)
   Red light therapy at least 2 times a week
   Eating paleo and normalizing hormones ~ should improve my mood
   Quality time for myself ~ unsure of specifics as that will depend on the mood I'm in on the day I can squeeze it in
   Minimal contact with toxic people (have already taken some steps, deleting facebook with family, coworkers, etc.)
   Be less reactive to stressful situation that can not be  avoided (still need to work on a better plan to put this into practice)
   More meditation/prayer time
   Enjoy my Bluebirds, keep them fed (mealworms), happy in their birdbath & double hole houses & protected from sparrows
   Quality cat time with my inside guys and my catbitat ferals (well I'd say after all these years only mom is semi-feral now)
   Take more relaxing detox baths with rocking music and candles
   More orgasms....enough said (for now?!)
   Declutter the house & garage (give away what I can, trash the rest and organize the minimal things I keep)
   Mini  getaways and one decent vacation this year
   More time in/with nature
   More time with family that I love while they are still here ~ each day is truly a gift
   Be more giving to people in the community ~ pay it forward
   Gratitude list, daily list 5 things that I am grateful for
   Focus on the positive
   Being/getting healthy  

3. Hot
   Lose excess bodyfat ~    Increase lean mass
   Workouts ~ at home and at the gym
   Tanning just to keep a light base tan (at the gym)
   Red light therapy (beauty angel at the gym)
   Massage ~ hydromassage and massage chairs at  the gym
   Confiidence and attitude
   Keep my new car in great shape inside & out
   Be strong emotionally
   Become strong physically
   Once achieved, maintain my leanness ~ No more yo-yo  dieting or bingeing

Things I would like to accomplish in 2014

Learn to love & appreciate my good and bad qualities  (while working in changing the ones I consider bad)
Have a better relationship with hubby (it will take two but I will do what I can)
Become lean, healthy, strong & happy
Be confident in my sexuality
Increase my savings account
Enjoy a relaxing nature filled vacation
Not miss work for minimum 6 months (this will happen as my health improves)
Learn to paint, draw,
Play my violin or guitar more
Learn to swim and lessen my fear of water
Buy an awesome camera for photography and master the art and skill!!

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